Caravan Manufacturing - Radio Frequency Welding, Ultrasonic Welding, Contract Manufacturing, Research & Development, Federal Government
Caravan Manufacturing - Radio Frequency Welding, Ultrasonic Welding, Contract Manufacturing, Research & Development, Federal Government
Radio Frequency Welding:
Radio frequency welding uses electromagnetic energy to heat and bond materials together under pressure.This type of welding is used to connect polymer films used in a variety of industries where a strong leak-proof seal is needed.

While radio Frequency Welding is most often used to join vinyl and urethane please ask us because we can often join special materials. Years of trial and error, better known as Research and Development, have given us a constantly expanding pool of knowledge. Put our years of experience to work for you today! Call (714) 220-9722 or email The bottom line is: if we can help you, we will!

Our innovative ideas, attention to detail and responsiveness have made us a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of RF (Radio Frequency) heatsealed products. We specialize in suppyling the finest quality products and services to the following industries:

• Packaging • Medical & Pharmaceutical • Inflatables & Sporting Goods
• Tent & Canvas • Automotive • Apparel
• Looseleaf Bindery • Liquid & Gel Filled Products • HEPA Filters

We are currently manufacturing OEM products for companies too big to name.

Industrial Design/Product Counseling:
Our product counseling insures that our final product will be the manifestation of your dreams...which we hope to surpass! During your counseling meeting we will create sketches of your vision. Once these meet your standards we create industry standard 2-D AutoCad drawings which get sent to our cutting department prior to production.
Here our years of experience will help you choose the very best materials with which to manufacture your product. From
concept to plans to production

Over the years we have taken on a myriad of various cutting edge projects. From conception through planning to the final product, we will find the solutions to your complex needs. Each and every job and its challenges are unique and we will provide you with the knowlege and professionalism that you require. We often find that the things you imagine can't be done, can be!

Industrial Design/Product Counseling is $125.00/hour.

Our capabilities include:

For Film Products:

Seal & Cut:
If your product includes Laminated Cloth or Urethane material, Seal N' Cut is a productive and cost effective method for trimming your part to size. By combining two operations (RF Sealing and Die Cutting) into one we save production time which means a lower cost to you
Tear Seals:
Similar in results to Seal N' Cut, Tear Seals are ideal for Vinyl products. By applying additional pressure to the outside of the seal, Tear Seals allow for a fast and efficient removal of the excess material from your products.
Tube Mandrel Sealing:

Tube Sealing is used in the fabrication of inflatable bladders, medical bags, and water bladders and many other devices that require inflation with gases or injection/evacuation of liquids.

Cuff and Creasing Seals:
When additional strength or design features require doubling of the material, Cuff and Creasing Seal can provide the answers.
Embossing, Applique and Ornamental Seals:

This type of seal is ideal for applying your company name or logo on your product. Dies can be made to emboss the most intricate designs.

We also offer:
• Multiple Cavity Dies • Embossing
• Progressive Sealing • High Dies
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